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Transcend: Whatever It Takes

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Putting premium on the relationship among people behind the success of the company, COHO conducted a two-day team building activity on October 14-15 in Canyon Cove, Nasugbu Batangas.

The much-awaited internal event revolved around the theme Transcend: Whatever It Takes. This was inspired by how the company takes pride in going beyond the expectations for beginners in the industry, regardless of the minimal time it has spent in the condominium market. After building the brand in 25 beautiful locations nationwide in just a year’s span, there’s still no slowing down. All there is for COHO is to go even farther and further, whatever it takes.

Rallying behind this goal should be a group of people who are consistently motivated, driven, and passionate not only to ascend above others, but to ultimately transcend beyond oneself. And to ensure that the entire team will be on the same page on their way to achieving this state, the games and activities conducted were focused on promoting camaraderie among employees, and hunger for victory between teams.

All five groups – Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, and Green – prepared cheers and performed these with their hearts out to pump up both their teammates and the crowd. Their creativity and resourcefulness were in full display throughout the day as they used whistles, head bands, flags, masks, and water guns to stand out in a rainbow of vibrant colors.

The competitive spirit of all teams shone even brighter than the early morning sun as they conquered the challenges posed by each game. Amidst the warm sand and sharp rocks, all representatives fought for their teammates who were shouting at the top of their lungs on the sidelines. Though fun and exciting, the games still encouraged strategic thinking among the members. Teamwork was also pivotal in beating the other groups who were as determined and motivated to win as they were. In the end, Green Team triumphed all other colors followed by a tie between the Pink and Red Team. Purple Team got the better of the Blue Team to land on the 4th spot.

After all worCOHOlic’s competitive spirits were enhanced, they were asked to sit down for the values session. This served as an avenue to evaluate one’s self and gauge their current perspective of the company as well. The values that anchor the company to where it has been and where it will be was reiterated by esteemed and experienced facilitators to staff of all tenures.

After a day of tiring festivities, the dawn of the night came with the anticipation for the Avant-Garde themed socials. Commonly known as strange, extraordinary, and going beyond the norm, this concept was the perfect tie up for Transcend’s theme. It emphasized having the courage to innovate and transform oneself amidst existing standards and traditions cultivated by the society. It promoted exploring possibilities, breaking barriers, and pushing boundaries – even if it means doing whatever it takes.

With these in mind, employees who have stayed in the company for less than 6 months flaunted their Avant Garde outfits on the fashion runway. In between each batch of runway models were performances that showcased the talents of the COHO employees in both singing and dancing. The crowd erupted in applause after each presentation to show appreciation and admiration for their colleagues.

After the program, the catwalk transformed into a dance floor of booze, lights, and laughter. More than drinks and snacks, personal tales were shared among long-time pals and new found friends. The bond formed and enhanced in the gathering are set to fuel the whole team in working hand-in-hand towards transcending the limits for COHO.

Although the entirety of the team building lasted for just two days, the memories, experiences, and values earned by everyone will stay for the longest while. As they go back to their own places to continuously excel at work, they carry with them renewed commitment and refueled passion. Enriched and empowered, all will be raring to go all out to realize the goal of being the preferred brand of condominium developments, and to champion the unique and beautiful lifestyle brought by COHO.