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Ways to make your condo home in Tagaytay look bigger

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Whether you are looking to design your condo unit in Tagaytay from scratch or improve your current interior design, here are some ways that designers recommended in making a condo home look bigger and more spacious.


I. Choose the right multi-functional furniture 

When you are out shopping for new furniture for your condo unit, you will need to consider how the items you plan to purchase would go hand-in-hand with the space of your room. For instance, for a studio type condo unit with about twenty (20) plus square meters, buying big and heavy furniture may drown out your space. Using the right furniture is a key solution to make your room look bigger. Buying lightweight but functional furniture will definitely allow more space in your room. There are actually a lot of furniture companies right now that sell more apartment-style furniture which is perfect for unit spaces like apartments and condo units. One of the largest one-stop home improvement hubs that offer high-quality furniture is AllHome. AllHome is a top-of-mind preference of Filipino families when it comes to building or renovating their condo investment. At AllHome, an extensive range of top quality home-improvement products are all under one roof: from construction items, hardware, appliances, indoor and outdoor furniture, homeware, décor to even electronic gadgets! You may opt to go for multifunctional furniture such as a sofa bed, a bed with storage drawers, and folding tables.

If you are working or living in a small condo unit, try to consider some multifunctional furniture pieces. With that, you will have fewer furniture pieces in your space and you will be able to do multiple things with them. It could be a console table that can also be used as a workspace or a couch that can shift into a floating bed. There are so many different things that you can do to maximize the uses and purposes of all those furniture pieces and in the end, it will make your condo unit feel a lot bigger and spacious.

  1. Try utilizing furniture with storage

Another way you can do to maximize the space of your condo unit is by using furniture with storage, that could be a storage bench or a bed that has storage underneath. There are so many furniture pieces that you can use to hide your clutter away. It is a great idea to take advantage of those larger items and use them to their maximum potential. In that way, you only need to buy one thing that can do multiple different things.

  1. Get some glass/acrylic furniture

Another thing you can think about when shopping for furniture for your condo unit is getting some see-through furniture pieces. Anything that you can see through will make your space feel a lot bigger such as glass tables, glass partition, and acrylic units. It will make you feel like there is so much more room in a specific space even if you did not remove any furniture.


  1. Pick furniture with longer legs

There is lots of furniture out there that sits right on the floor and that is good in some situations. But if you are looking to gain more space in your room and to make your room appear larger, pick furniture that is off the ground and has a nice type of leg. That will really allow you to see the floor space and bring your furniture up a bit which brings your eye up and makes your space feel so much bigger.

II. Rearrange your unit to check better  furniture placements

When you are arranging furniture in your condo unit, try to keep it off the walls. A lot of people like to press their furniture up against the walls to allot more space in the middle. However, this really tricks your eyes into thinking that the unit is too small for all this furniture. If you bring the furniture off the walls and place it in the middle of your condo unit and style it nicely, definitely,  your condo will look that much bigger. Sometimes, it is actually really hard to make a space look nice when things are up against walls. The reason is it does not feel like anything is working together. When you bring things off the wall you can really design the space cohesively. Also, when things are too far apart in all presses of different directions you can not see the overall picture. If you do not have enough space to bring your furniture off the walls, you can start up by making angles on putting some of your furniture pieces. This will work really well with side chairs and little reading nooks and that will allow the unit to look bigger.

  1. Know the rug size

A rug is something that should be big in anchoring your space. When you get a rug that is too small for your room, it actually makes the whole room feel that much smaller. If you get a larger rug that takes up a lot of your space and you anchor all your furniture on it you will end up with a bigger look. A lot of people making the mistake of having a rug in their space that is too small and it ends up looking like it is kinda floating in the room. Instead of buying a new rug to replace that, you can layer it with a larger rug underneath. In that way, you can keep your previous rug and add another one to space to really bring it all together, that will definitely trick your eye into thinking that the living space has expanded and it makes space come together and make it feel that much more open.


  1. Add mirrors to your unit

Here is the very well known design trick that works every single time. It is the easiest thing you can do to make your space feel bigger, and that is implementing mirrors. If you have a tiny little entryway, you can try to put a large mirror and that will drastically change the look of that space and make it feel so much larger. The same thing goes for expanding any kind of living space. If your room has a window on one side, adding a mirror on the other it will really help bounce the light around and makes space feel a little bit more balanced and again trick your eye into thinking that the room is even larger.

  1. Know the curtain rod height

When it comes to hanging curtains, you should try to hang the curtain rod as close as you can to the ceiling. That is really gonna make your eye up and make it appear that the wall is taller than they really are. It will also expand the look of your window that will make your room appear bigger. A lot of people make the mistake of hanging their curtain rod at the same height as the edge of its window and it just really compresses everything in and makes everything look small and miniature. By expanding the look of it will trick your eye into thinking the window is larger and longer and definitely make your entire room seem that much bigger.

  1. Mount your TV

This is such a simple thing but it makes such a big difference. It really clears up the amount of space in your room. It draws your eye upwards to the TV and it really allows more space underneath. Instead of having a large TV table stand, you can get rid of that and just mount the TV in your wall that will definitely clear up so much space.

III. Consider wallpaper with large scale patterns

This will definitely trick your eye into thinking that your unit has a huge wall and it expands the look of the room by a lot. Some people do small patterns but sometimes it looks cluttered and a little hectic. So by choosing a wallpaper with large scale patterns, it will really open up space and make it feel big.

We all know that it is so overwhelming decorating and designing our own condo home to make it look much bigger. There are so many things and considerations to think about, but if you keep this list in mind you will end up with a beautiful, open, and bright looking space.

Design your own condo in Tagaytay City now and apply this list to make your condo unit look much bigger.

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