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We Mean Empowerment, We Mean Women

After Proclamation No. 224 s. 1998 declared every first week of March as Women’s Week, there has been a turn of the much-deserved spotlight on the different kinds of lives that women in the society live in. In 2017, this International Women’s Month Celebration started to anchor on the theme We Make Change Work for Women. This central messaging highlights every woman’s commitment to true compassion fueled by her undeniable capability to ignite real change


We mean passion.

There’s a reason women are constantly seen as the hearts of their families and lights that brighten their households. Their passion for taking care of other people is beyond ordinary, making what is usually a common hour like a moment to be treasured forever. The passion of women to pursue their chosen fields of studies, interests, and lifestyles is a manifestation of how you can do what you want once you put your heart into it. 

And when we say passion, we mean women. 


We mean courage.

There’s a reason women are constantly seen as a force to reckon with in any realm in the society. Their courage to take on risks with full confidence while managing to give the necessary attention required to succeed is something that makes people stare in awe but still be fully aware of what they are capable of. These women who are brave enough to choose going beyond the stereotype of what a woman should be prove that the limits you have are only the ones you set for yourself. 

So when we say courage, we mean women. 


We mean strength.

There’s a reason women are constantly seen as the rope that anchors everything into place. Their strength in attending to the needs of others while still getting to excel in the things and tasks they do spells resilience like no other. Given that the past times have not been the best ally for women, their ability to hold everything together and emerge as icons of triumph is a depiction that hurdles may come and go, but you can always choose to thrive with your head held high. 

Because when we say strength, we mean women. 


We mean COHO for every empowered woman. 

We only want what’s the best for every woman, and it goes without saying that the best place is where they can be their real selves, where they can spend moments with their family, where they can experience the luxury of time, and where they can create their beautiful lifestyles. And this is the distinct and new-generation lifestyle offered by COHO. 


COHO – short for Condo Homes – is Vista Land’s newest brand for beautiful, stylish, and high-quality condominium units. It adds a premium to the perks of living in a condominium by being part of a master-planned Vista Township where you can have a Coffee Project, an All Day Supermarket, an All Home, and Vista Cinemas as extensions of your condo unit. In addition, COHO’s expansive amenity area is perfect for starting families, young professionals and discerning investors who want to spend time in their own private but comfortable bubble. Its strategic location also brings you closer to major road networks and establishments that will allow you to enjoy having your time in your hands. 

As a real estate asset poised to appreciate in value, COHO proves to be the perfect rewarding investment for every empowered Filipina. It surrounds you with all the conveniences you need to create a beautiful lifestyle that fits the life you’ll love to live. 

Every empowered woman deserves more than a simple reward. Every empowered Filipina deserves COHO.

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