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What is the Best Condo Unit for Sale in Las Pinas?

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The Philippines has seen its fair share of rapid urban developments across its regions.

Urban life had been adapted by the masses as a desirable and progressive lifestyle. As such, condominiums are one of the lifestyles that brought modern conveniences in many areas of the country.

This is more prominent in Metro Manila. Over time, the region has been the target for all real estate developers, surviving two major financial crises, and sustaining its demand and allure of condo-living for several decades. Today, you can search the internet for a condo unit for sale in Metro Manila and several ready for occupancy and pre-selling condos, strategically located in central business districts, such as in Taguig, Las Piñas, Alabang, and Makati.

Condominiums serve two essential users: (1) alternative home users and (2) passive income users. The first one purchases or rents a condo as a place to rest and go to work conveniently, as most condominium properties are situated near business and commercial districts. While the latter serves as a side business where they can reap the benefits of income passively growing in their pockets via rental rates. Furthermore, their return on investment (ROI) will regain back significantly, especially when they invest in a pre-selling condo and choose a great location that can influence the property value.

The Rise of Condos in Metro Manila

Condominiums in Metro Manila continue to grow in capital appreciation and rising above failures amidst the recent COVID-19 pandemic. This is true as most condominiums created amenities and designed its properties to be as low-dense as possible, which is conducive to social distancing, and each unit to be comfortable, modern, and flexible for work-from-home setups.

Vertical projects remain to be the sustainable and attractive choice for local and foreign users since the 2010s. Developers innovated their condominium developments by complimenting them with ambitious master plans like establishing new integrated communi-cities in each sector of Metro Manila, ushering in the modern and first-world experiences, with condominiums, commercial and office (business) hubs as the first phases of real-estate developers’ plans. In addition, real-estate developers push for integrated communities that serves as the benchmark for living in the New Normal.

For example, most properties are conveniently located near grocery stores and business hubs, both are key essentials for the public to thrive. Aside from that, condominium properties contain resort-like amenities, like swimming pools and green spaces, and fitness gyms, capable of strengthening one’s mental and physical health.


These are quality of life assurances for local and foreign investors who are attracted to urban sectors that are slowly becoming first-class areas and easy access to essential goods and services.

Additionally, the implementation of the revised REIT Law (Real Estate Investment Trust Act) further accelerated the potential effects of residential condominiums and other real-estate projects to fuel the economic growth.

Las Piñas City: A Progressive City

As mentioned prior, Metro Manila is still considered to be the target for major real estate developers. The large area contains some of the most luxurious commercial and retail malls, and booming business districts, one of which is the city of Las Piñas.

Although well-known for its vast array of activities and vibrant city culture, it is still continuing to develop several ambitious projects for future business potential. Las Piñas has access to key infrastructures that are influential for the country’s economic growth, such as the upcoming LRT-1 Extension, NAIA-X, River Drive, and C5 Southlink, which appreciates real estate opportunities like more condos for sale.

Las Piñas is becoming the “next big thing” for more integrated developments and real estate master plans are soon to follow. The city is prime for upgraded residential experiences and modern living conditions that propel the city’s potential to be another advanced first-class area in Metro Manila.

With all these reasons, the development of key infrastructures in Las Piñas is seen as a major influence and contributor to the investment opportunities in the Philippine property market. With the reprioritization of the Build, Build, Build program, the economy is soon to expect a transformation in the landscapes of Las Piñas and the rest of Metro Manila.

What makes the best condo unit in Las Pinas?

Now, at this point, you might be interested in investing in a condo unit in Las Piñas. But, you have to note that there are several factors for choosing the best condo unit to invest in. We have listed here aspects to help you choose the best location and right development.

A place you can trust.

Upon choosing a condo to invest in, you must know the developer behind the property. It should be a reputable brand, experienced in the real-estate industry, and has made a surmountable amount of projects that are beloved by its customers and reliable in the long term.


Vista Land brings world-class, integrated quality for its residents and your investments are guaranteed to be valuable in the long-term.

One of those reputable developers is Vista Land. Vista Land is one of the leading property developers in the Philippines and has accumulated over 40 years worth of experiences and integrated properties.

Today, the company is listed among the top listed property firms in the country for its market capitalization and recognizable brands, such as Camella, Brittany, COHO, Crown Asia, and Vista Residences. Its status as a real estate property developer has gained a wide geographical reach, constantly expanding into new ventures and projects across the Philippines. Thus, nationwide, Vista Land instils a sustained confidence and demand in the Filipino market for its horizontal and vertical residential and commercial projects. With Vista Land, you are assured that you will have the best quality for your residential experience and a lifestyle that you associate with an infinite bliss.

A place you can curate and express.

The home is where your heart is and it is a reflection of one’s personality and choice. Decoration and customization of your living space does wondrous things to truly make it your own.


Every AllHome store can be found in all Vista Mall locations. It complements the modern urban experience, which is suitable for Las Piñas city dwellers.

To do that, you can visit AllHome, an all-in-one department store for your home improvement needs. Their products range from furniture, indoor decorations, appliances and more. You will have endless time trying to curate your home customization desires and every AllHome store is located nearby in every Vista Land project. It is just a stone’s throw away to your heart’s content to decorate.

You can even browse AllHome at the comfort of your home. They have an online store and can deliver your items conveniently to your place.

A place you can relax and recharge.

Vista Land emphasizes modern conveniences for its residences, and it is true for its properties as well. Their amenities harken a resort-inspired atmosphere for its swimming pools, garden spaces, and other amenities that compliments its properties.

It is truly a staycation within the urban city, which is delightful for residents coming home from a long day’s work. Relaxation and management of one’s mental health is key during these times so why not plunge into a five-star resort conveniently placed in your backyard.


Gyms are one of the most used amenities in a property as it promotes physical activities and strengthens the camaraderie among the residents.

Homebuyers, investors, and renters will surely love the allure of upscale living affixed with resort-inspired amenities. From exclusive residents-only bars, restaurants and convenience stores, fitness centers and gyms, premium spas, and a serene swimming pool, it is a great benefit in choosing a luxurious feature that you can access 24/7.

A place you can convert to financial opportunity.

Besides looking at the features and locations of a condominium property, you must seek the financial opportunities that you can gain from your investment as well.


Vista Land assures its residents and investors that every project assures a strong return-on-investment.

They take advantage of the location opportunities too, coinciding with the Build, Build, Build program, as several infrastructures influence the property values. After all, the design philosophy of Vista Land is providing an upscale and upgraded lifestyle, and each unit that you invest in is a remarkable investment.

With the appreciation of value follows an opportunity to turn your unit into a rental service, as the passive income and financial opportunity is ripe for the taking. Vista Land has in-house leasing services that can assist you in generating passive income and offering your rental unit for renters.

A place you can upgrade.

Upon your investment on your desired condo property, you are entitled to an upgraded and premium lifestyle. Vista Land’s upscale properties have immediate access to both commercial and business hubs throughout Metro Manila.


Convenience is what everybody needs these days and Vista Land provides just that.

The nearby establishments to every COHO, Vista Residences, Crown Asia, and Brittany projects usually are Coffee Project, Bake my Day, Vista Mall, AllDay Supermarket, and AllHome. Mostly, you can go to any major city in Metro Manila as several road infrastructures are accessible to every project, such as C-5, SLEX, and Alabang-Zapote Road.

Additionally, future infrastructures are soon to open such as the LRT-1 Cavite Extension and South East Metro Manila Expressway (SEMME) that provide more alternate routes and influences the value of Vista Land’s properties.

Vista Land’s places truly embody an “upgraded, modern lifestyle,” as mentioned earlier, they too have masterplanned developments that bring first-class living to major regions of the Philippines, starting with Metro Manila.

The Hermosa COHO: A Modern and Exclusive Condo in Las Piñas

With all the reasons stated previously, COHO is your next prime real estate investment. COHO, an amalgamation of the words: condo homes, is the newest brand by Vista Land that solidifies your upgrade lifestyle. The brand has established itself throughout the major cities of Metro Manila, including Las Piñas.


The Hermosa COHO is a 2.9-hectare modern and exclusive resort-inspired condominium village rising in the vicinity of the upcoming 100-hectare integrated and masterplanned Vista Global South township development.

At COHO, residents get to experience pleasure and fulfilment of their needs without delay. Leisurely traveling from city to city via the major road networks makes everything within reach and at one’s disposal — a privilege that guarantees an upgraded lifestyle experience only at The Hermosa COHO. This beautiful and posh vertical village is COHO’s luxury condo for sale in Las Piñas, which is complete with resort-inspired amenities that introduce a modern, premium and exclusive condo-living experience.

The Hermosa, COHO’s condo in Las Piñas houses four mid-rise residential buildings. Its first tower is named after Luarca, a quiet town of white houses in Spain that evokes charm and beauty for its famous overlooking scenery. The property offers both pre-selling condo and ready for occupancy condo unit options.

Luarca is a 12-story modern contemporary building that offers spacious unit configurations with 24 sqm Studio Units, 30 sqm 1-Bedroom Suites, and 40sqm 2-Bedroom Units. Its units are automation-ready with Fiber-To-The-Home Service that enables control over lighting, the air-conditioning system, and other electronic devices conveniently through mobile phones and one’s preferred service provider.


The property is strategically located for our residents to enjoy modern and exclusive city living with all the conveniences at their disposal.

With the development of several infrastructures in Las Piñas, The Hermosa’s strategic location brings you just 5 minutes away from The Vista Global South via River Drive, and 15 minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Entertainment City, and Mall of Asia at the Bay Area via the C5-Extension and NAIAX. This further enables and empowers business owners, travellers, tourists, and investors to live all the lifestyles they lead.


At COHO, having your own beautiful space in the metro adds a premium to your city-living experience with luxurious condo-resort developments with sprawling amenities right at your doorstep.

Keeping up with the need for digital innovations, The Hermosa adapts to become the future of recession-proof developments. The need for constant distance, leaning towards being remote as much as possible, and the added necessity for a more cautious way of living will be the adjustments that will stay as the clear choice instead of being just a convenient option.


The Hermosa COHO prides itself on providing a quaint and premium living community for its residences. Allowing for more flexibility and assurance for long-term investments.

In this regard, its spacious unit configurations, resort-inspired amenities, and lush open spaces answer the call for social distancing, promising comfort and safety within your community. Additionally, the ground floor of the development is set to become an essential hub for goods and services which will complete the residential experience in The Hermosa.

Vista City Global South

Moreover, The Hermosa COHO is one of the first phases of development in Vista City Global South. This is one of the upcoming and most ambitious projects that will progress Las Piñas into the future.

Vista Land will pioneer this 100-hectare masterplanned township development, which will be located along the C5 Extension. Additionally, the LRT-1 Cavite Extension will pass through the development, as the Las Piñas Station is located within it.


The masterplan township promises an upgraded lifestyle experience through its retail brands, such as Vista Mall Global South, AllHome, AllDay Supermarket, Coffee Project and Bake My Day.

Several hubs and ground-breaking lifestyle amenities will soon rise in Vista City Global South and complement premium and modern living with COHO, one of the newest brands under Vista Land that delivers pristine condominium developments across the urban cities of Metro Manila.

If you are looking to jumpstart your investment with a condo for sale, COHO’s condo in Las Piñas, The Hermosa COHO, might just be the perfect investment for you. If you do not want to get short-changed in terms of investment returns, then do not settle for anything less.

Discover The Hermosa COHO today. Click here to learn more about COHO’s condos for sale.