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What It Feels Like To Live in Modern Contemporary Condo Developments

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In the last few years, we have seen the rise in residential condominium developments that showcase modern design, contemporary design, and sometimes even a combination of both. But only a few can understand what they truly mean, as the majority thinks that modern design and contemporary design are interchangeable and are one and the same. 

But these words actually have differences in meaning, and any homebuyer, including those who are potentially buying, needs to understand such nuances in order to really appreciate the real estate investment.


Modern vs. Contemporary: What’s the Difference?

In an Elle Decor piece, experts explain that modern design originated from the prevailing design from the early to the mid-twentieth century. A precursor to contemporary design, modern design was born from the peak of the modern art movement. Modern design gives emphasis more on the simple form and function and takes a cue from the Scandinavian and German Bauhaus design.

In other words, it utilizes earthy palettes, natural materials like wood, leather, and stone, and streamlined silhouettes. However, it has evolved into a more purposeful role. For example, in real estate, more and more people prefer the simple, minimalistic design concepts on residential condominium developments because it supports the space constraints and the desire to live a simple yet convenient life.

Contemporary design, on the other hand, does not pertain to a period of time. Rather, it’s a balanced mishmash of qualities from modernism, minimalism, Art Deco, and other global styles. But if we based it on the definition, contemporary means to “live or occur at the same time,” or putting popular designs from the past and making them more relevant again. It can be confusing at first since the combination of such design styles doesn’t make contemporary design unique but think of it as bringing together natural elements like organic materials, neutral palettes, stark minimalism, clean lines, and organic silhouettes, and manmade materials like copper, nickel, steel, chrome. 


What Is A Modern Contemporary Condo?

Taking these definitions to heart, these two design styles together can actually coexist and are prominently showcased at The Courtyard COHO by Vista Land. Design-wise, it is a residential condominium that follows the simple, minimalistic lines and architecture aspects of modern design while featuring popular design aspects in the past that are reinterpreted in a trendy manner.

At The Courtyard COHO by Vista Land, the urban vertical village is designed with the resort-style aesthetic in mind. Nestled within lush trees and greens, the property features warm, neutral browns and white strips, with the commercial complex reserved on the ground floor. 


The landscaped entryway and pocket gardens surrounding the property set a welcoming mood — as if you are on your way to an exclusive, tropical resort. Upon entry via the row of palm trees in the middle, residents and guests arrive at the amenity Deck, which houses most of the property’s amenities, including the fitness gym, clubhouse, recreation lounge, and function hall. Just beyond the Amenity Deck are three swimming pools and resort-style furnishings.

The modern contemporary aesthetic extends to what kind of lifestyle the property can offer to its residents. 

Because of the density of living spaces in the city, it can be a real challenge for people to live and thrive in residential condos, especially those who have grown up or are used to living in house and lots where living spaces are bigger. As such, homebuyers and renters looking for residential condos in prime locations like city centers, townships, and business parks lean towards a residential condominium that offers a home that allows them to live simply and conveniently. 

The Courtyard COHO by Vista Land is an urban vertical village that offers a complete and balanced living experience without having to deal with the downside of city congestion. Their condo units offer whatever interior design choices homeowners choose, including modern, contemporary, or both.

The interior design and furnishings of this sample studio unit, for one, is a perfect example of modern and contemporary design elements coming together. Basing on the ergonomics of The Courtyard COHO by Vista Land unit, the wall color, partition, and shelving are of a unifying luminous shade, amplifying the already vast amounts of sunlight the unit receives from the ensuite balcony. Chrome black sconces are used as lighting accessories to provide some mood or overall lighting. Furniture pieces are either customized for scale or built-in to maximize the corners of the space without dominating the entire living space.

The lifestyle amenities offered are just what makes living conveniently possible. Coffee Project is one part blossoming garden, one part coffee shop and dine-in restaurant, one part Instagram-worthy hotspot, and one part co-working and meeting place. With its relaxing and homey vibe, Coffee Project is the perfect place made flexible to support a COHO resident’s lifestyle, from spending laidback afternoons with friends or family, to a productive meeting with business partners and coworkers thanks to its complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access.


AllHome is a Design Lab And Storage that can help COHO residents to furnish and decorate their homes as beautiful, as functional, and as space-efficient as they can be. Offering anything from home building, furnishing, and designing, AllHome has a wide range of products and services, value for money, and convenience coupled with excellent consumer services. 


And as travel restrictions remain to be restricted, the best way to travel is through food. The AllDay Supermarket is the COHO resident’s super pantry: fresh produce and a wide selection of goods, and well-curated specialized sections such as Gastroville (a small food stall concept that serves everything from Pinoy-style barbecue or ramen) and Paluto! (a shop, cook, and dine-in food kitchen concept akin to a farm to table restaurant concept).


And because it minutes away from prestigious universities, business hubs, and lifestyle centers, it gives young professionals, starting families, and even empty nesters the freedom to spend every second of their day the way they want to without spending a lot of time on the commute. 

Strategically located within arm’s stretch to Bonifacio Global City (BGC), The Courtyard COHO by Vista Land allows you to leisurely travel in and out of Metro Manila via key infrastructures such as C-5, C-6, SLEX, and the future Mega Manila Subway.



Live and experience the life in a modern contemporary condominium within the central business district of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) with The Courtyard COHO by Vista Land in Taguig!