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What and Where to Eat in Cavite: Your Personal Food Guide in the Country’s History Capital

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Many people perceive Cavite as an underrated food heritage hotspot because its prominent Tagaytay city is usually stealing the show from the rest of the province. Its distinct places have done the best job in preserving the country’s heritage. On the other hand, you can discover about it all by putting it on a plate through a gastronomic adventure. Furthermore, your food escapade will not be complete without having a list of what and where to eat in Cavite. Likewise, it will be best to have a hearty meal in a resort-inspired condo in Cavite that will provide a verdant landscape and refreshing ambiance.

Before we begin ticking off our what and where to eat in Cavite checklist, let us first familiarize ourselves with the humble beginnings of Cavite.

Cavite: The Historical Capital of the Philippines

Etymologically, Cavite came from the Tagalog word kawit, which means hook in English, because of its geographical shape as a peninsula. The Spaniards made use of the province’s terrain figure as a port for Spanish ships that include galleon ships from Mexico.

Premium Condo in Cavite - The Meridian - COHO by Vista Land - Emilio Aguinaldo - Kawit Cavite
Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite

In addition, Cavite is rich in history because of the manifold events that happened in the province. First, Cavite was declared a political and military province in 1614. Then, Cavite became the provincial base for military operations during the Philippine Revolution of 1896. In the same year, Cavite City has witnessed the execution of the Spaniards to the 13 Filipino rebels. Subsequently, the provincial capital bears it moniker of Trece Martires City, which means 13 Martyrs when translated into English.

On the other hand, Cavite witnessed the first-hailed Philippine president whose name is Emilio Aguinaldo. In the balcony of his humble abode, the Philippine Independence was declared on June 12.

What and Where to Eat in Cavite: Starting a Historical Food Adventure

Cavite is often ignored as a tourist destination due to its proximity to Metro Manila. If you look beyond the cookie-cutter subdivisions, massive shopping centers, and the typical tourist traps like Tagaytay, then you will discover a province rich in heritage, culture, and laid-back fun, all while being just a short drive away. In the end, the only battle you will be fighting over is what and where to eat in Cavite argument.

Approximately, Cavite has a land area of 10 kilometers. For this reason, a food junkie has a convenient access to Cavite’s best treats in a single day. Moreover, the nuanced and soothing flavors you will get from each traditionally prepared dish will entice you to return for more.

What are you waiting for?

Start digging into a historical food adventure with your what and where to eat in Cavite checklist.

7 Heritage Cuisines in Cavite: What to Eat in Cavite


If you are looking for what and where to eat in Cavite, then Robinson’s Tamales is a perfect candidate.

Condo in Cavite - COHO by Vista Land - Tamales - Where to Eat in Cavite
Source: Tamales from the Official Website of Houston Methodist

Tamales is a Caviteño noche buena staple delicacy and a famous pasalubong from Cavite. In order to create Tamales, you need to produce a mixture from a lengthy and laborious process that involves the grinding of peanuts and rice flour. Next, you need to prepare chicken and bacon slices that will serve as a topping for the mixture. If you want to add more flavor, then you may add garbanzo bean bits and hard-boiled eggs. In addition, make sure to season to taste it with salt and pepper. Subsequently, steam it graciously while covered in banana leaves. Finally, you can mazimize the best of Tamales when it is served with warm pan de sal.

Robinson’s Tamales is the perfect spot to go if you want a taste of Cavite’s best. The current owner’s great grandfather, Henry Benjamin Robinson and was a former staff member of the USS Olympia under Admiral George Dewey, is the inspiration for this iconic Tamales brand.


Premium Condo in Cavite - The Meridian - COHO by Vista Land - Quesillo
Source: Quesillo from the Official Website of People Asia

In Cavite, you can find another variation of kesong puti (white cheese). The locals of the province gave its name of Quesillo. This raw cheese is made from Carabao’s milk and wrapped in fresh banana leaves.


Rice is a staple food in the Philippines. In addition, rice is a food for all occasions at all times which include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some Filipinos makes rice as part of their snacks and tea time. Hence, the superstar in a Filipino table is nothing but rice, which can either be steamed or fried.

Condo in Cavite - COHO by Vista Land - Bibingkoy - Where to Eat in Cavite
Source: Bibingkoy from the Official Website of Yummy PH

On the other hand, this staple food can be a sweet delicacy and one of which is rice cakes. Rice cakes may be baked, steamed, fried, or grilled. Suman, tupig, bibingka, biko, and ginataan are just a few examples of how flexible it can be. Morever, every province in the Philippines has its peculiar way of cooking them. Therefore, rice cakes are one of the perfect choices for your what and where to eat in Cavite checklist.

In Cavite, Bibingkoy is a well-known rice cake for it is a delicacy from a plethora of rice cakes. Once you get a heavenly bite of Bibingkoy, you will realize that it tastes like ginataang halo-halo because of the sauce. Likewise, you may notice that it seems like a baked buchi because it includes sweetened mung beans. Finally, Bibingkoy is similar with that of a bibingka, particularly in the way the locals serve it.

Pansit Pusit/Pancit Choco

Pancit Choca, which has other names such as Pancit Choco, Pancit ala Negra, or Pancit Pusit, is a noodle dish of the Cavite province. In Chavacano (a Spanish-based creole language in the Philippines), this noodle dish bears a moniker of Pancit Choca en su Tinta which translates to “noodle with squid in its ink.”

This noodle dish is usually made with bihon (rice vermicelli), baby squid, prawns, and bacon. Also, it has vegetables such as celery, cabbage, and carrots.

Other delectable addition to garnish include crushed chicharron, spring onions, Chinese celery leaves, bilimbi, and birds eye chili. Above all, It will not be complete without calamondin or key lime.

Hence, you may add this noodle dish in your what and where to in Cavite checklist.


Traditionally, Caviteños serves Bacalao or Barracuda fish every Lenten Season.

Premium Condo in Cavite - The Meridian - COHO by Vista Land - Bacalao from People Asia
Source: Bacalao from the Official Website of People Asia

Its recipe include a dried codfish. The codfish will be boiled in water overnight to make the meat easier to shred as well as bell peppers, garbanzo beans or chickpeas, potatoes, and onions.

If you are a fish lover, you may want to add this in your what and where to eat in Cavite adventure.

Pancit Puso/Pancit de Carajay

The term carajay refers to the massive wok where this delicious pancit is prepared.

In terms of flavor, pancit puso has its toppings which include chicharron, eggs, shrimp, chorizo, and the like. On the other hand, the shrimp head is made into broth that will eventually become a rich sauce known as dikdikin.

What makes this dish stand out is its pickled banana blossoms that bring out the rich sour flavor.


Ensaimada is a swirl-shaped bread with a thin dusting of sugar topped with grated cheddar cheese. Also, its buttery-smooth consistency immediately melts in your mouth. In Cavite, Baloy’s Bakery produces some of the best ensaimadas in the world.

Condo in Cavite - COHO by Vista Land - Ensaimada de Cavite at Baloy's Bakeshop - Where to Eat in Cavite
Source: Ensaimada de Cavite from the Official Facebook Page of Baloy’s Bakeshop

In addition, your what and where to eat in Cavite checklist will be fulfilling if you will try the Ensaimada de Cavite in Baloy’s Bakeshop. You can choose among the available flavors of Macapuno, Bavarian, Classic, Ube, and Dulce de Leche. Moreover, this bakeshop has proven its worth for 7 years in the market as they continuously innovate their flavors perfect for your taste buds.

Where to eat in Cavite: In Historical Restaurants and Pasalubong Center

Bernie’s Kitchenette

For 6 years, Bernie’s Kitchenette has been serving the mouth-watering Caviteño dishes such as the bacalao, pansit pusit, and pansit puso.

Your what and where to eat in Cavite checklist will surely be satisfying with their traditional yet special Cavite dishes.

Olivia’s Coffee

Premium Condo in Cavite - The Meridian - COHO by Vista Land - Have a Taste of Coffee - Where to Eat in Cavite
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

There is a slew of coffee shops springing up all over Cavite, but Olivia’s in Amadeo, is a must-try. Hence, you should not forget adding this into your what and where to eat in Cavite list.

What’s unique about the café is its fresh ingredients. Olivia Bawag Lansang, the granddaughter of a coffee and rice farmer from General Trias, harvests from their family farm, which is the Coffee Estate. Subsequently, the Coffee Estate provides the best crafted ingredient for their frappes, iced mixes, and classic brews.

Cavite Republic

In 2002, The Cavite Republic serves as a reincarnation of Town’s Delight, which is a Cavite restaurant in 1974. Its classic-ness provide the best ambiance as you indulge your taste buds.

Furthermore, expect a combination of a traditional Caviteño cuisine with a contemporary flair.

Do not forget to add their best-tasting Paella Valenciana, Cavite Express, Crispy Dinuguang Baboy, and the kakanin Lihim ni Lola in your what and where to eat in Cavite.

Calle Real Restaurant

This quaint restaurant is located in a 1920s home along a street lined with several pre-war homes with each one older than the one before it.

In addition, this restaurant reverberates a romantic ambiance as you indulge in their special paella plates, squid pancit, and other seafood cuisines.

What’s more?

If you are an art guru, then you may fall in love with the aesthetics of the place. It has Art Deco ventanillas, intiricate calado wood crafts, and stained-glass transoms.

New Chefoo Restaurant

Almost every Caviteño has dined in this 70-year-old restaurant. Likewise, it holds baptisms, weddings, and other special events.

In addition, this is your go-to Chinese food hub in Cavite. For example, you can have dishes such as Galina Frita (Chinese-style fried chicken), Agriodulce (sweet-and-sour meatballs or pork), and Menudencia con Casuy (chopsuey with cashews). Besides, its menu reflects the rich history of the province with the dishes named in Chavacano.

Aling Ika’s Carinderia

When you are at Aling Ika, you will be taken to the memory lane of a World War II ambiance. Adding to the delectable oasis in Cavite is its tortang alimasag, kilawing papaya, and pipian.

Balinsasayaw Restaurant

Condo in Cavite - COHO by Vista Land - Balinsasayaw Restaurant and Casitas - Where to Eat in Cavite
Source: Balinsasayaw Restaurant and Casitas from its Official Facebook Page

Wanna feel the countryside ambiance as you delve your way into your what and where to eat in Cavite checklist? This restaurant is perfect for you. Nestled in Silang, the Balinsasayaw Restaurant the primarily serve nest soup from the saliva of a swiftlet. In addition, they are serving the bulalo broth that will perfectly warm your soul. Your hearty food adventure is splendid as you eat their best-selling dishes in their cozy nipa huts.

Mang Jose’s Rolling Kitchen

Premium Condo in Cavite - COHO by Vista Land - Mang Jose's Rolling Kitchen - Where to Eat in Cavite
Source: Mang Jose’s Rolling Kitchen from its Official Facebook Page

Filipinos love barbecued meals; thus, with the famous ihawan. If you get tired travelling around Cavite, you may want to try Mang Jose’s Rolling Kitchen. What’s unique about this eatery is that its food is served in a food truck. You will definitely love their brickoven-roasted dishes best served with rice and broth.

Their other best sellers include their own version of the Chicken Inasal, and Puchon (amalgamation of Pugon and Lechon).

Bring a Hearty Meal to your Condo in Cavite

If you wanna chill and indulge with the dishes you brought from your where to eat in Cavite list, then have fun eating in your pre-selling condo in Cavite.


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We hope our Cavite food guide will help you maneuver in your gastronomic adventure in the city. Certainly, your where to eat in Cavite checklist will make you appreciate the province more. In any way, culture is best served in a dish after all.