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Where to Eat in Las Piñas: Make the Most of your Travel with the Best Restaurants and Cafés in the South

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Are you planning to explore the wonders of the South?? Well, one of the things that you can do to make the most out of your travel is to know where to eat in Las Piñas. Being in a food adventure is exhilarating as you will be able to taste the city’s gastronomic culture. Eventually, you will find yourself falling in love in the place and coming home to a premium condo in Las Piñas.

The Promising City in the South

Before we indulge ourselves where to eat in Las Piñas, let us first acquaint ourselves with its history and humble beginnings.

One of the thriving cities in the National Capital Region, Las Piñas has its myriad of monikers such as it is the Home of the Bamboo Organ, City of Love and Progress, Salt Center of Metro Manila, and the Lantern Capital of Metro Manila. Its sobriquets reflect its richness in terms of salt beds, jeepney factories, and its historical bamboo organ in the St. Joseph Church.  Furthermore, the city continues to thrive in terms of its economic development and strong local government.  It just goes to show that this promising city in the South has diversity to offer. Historically, Las Piñas was one of the first villages on the outskirts of Manila.  Even though it only became a city in 1997, its track record in progress is exemplary.

Home of the Bamboo Organ

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Bamboo Organ in St. Joseph Parish Church
Source: Bamboo Organ in St. Joseph Parish Church from Carol Kiecker’s Blog

The city is famous for the world’s only Bamboo Organ, which is housed in the St. Joseph Church of the Parish of Las Piñas. The Parish is formerly San Jose Parish Church during the Spanish Era. In addition, this famous bamboo organ, which was crafted in 1824 by a Catholic priest whose name is Fr. Diego Cera, is made of bamboo, wood, and metal. With the gracious blend of sterling materials, the bamboo organ boasts its special, unusual, and melodious tone.

During Spain’s four-hundred-year rule, a Spanish missionary named Fr. Diego Cera went to a barrio in Parañaque with a population of just 1,200 people, which would later become Las Piñas. The hard work, perseverance, and vision of this holy man put the sleepy fishing village on the path to growth and prosperity, resulting in the construction of the Las Piñas Church in 1819, the six-year construction of the bamboo organ, and the construction of roads and bridges that spawned the dye, salt, and handicraft industries.

However, the barrio faced difficult times in the years after as it was preyed upon by roaming bandits. Then, hundreds of people have died as a result of cholera and smallpox outbreaks in 1880. When Las Piñas was the site of many bloody battles between Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo’s forces and Spanish troops during the Philippine revolution against Spain, more people died sixteen years later.

Thereafter, Las Piñas became an independent municipality from Parañaque on March 27, 1907.

15 Best Food Crawl Hubs You Should Never Miss!

For those who aren’t familiar with the city, deciding where to eat in Las Piñas might become tedious with the wide array of food choices in the area. Likewise, the city of Las Piñas encompasses a large area which means the answer to the question of where to eat in Las Piñas has more ground to cover.

Where to eat in Las Piñas: In the Cozy Cafés of the South

1. Cassalu Coffee and Kitchen

Cassalu is the spot to go if you’re looking for an artsy cafe with a nice ambiance. Furthermore, the cafe is instagramable from any angle; thus, making it an ideal relaxation hub for the gram! They offer a wide range of food choices including kinds of pasta, rice meals, and other variants of comfort food.

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Cassalu Kitchen
Photo by Tina Guina on Unsplash

If you just want to rest and unwind, their signature cheesecakes and coffee will definitely revitalize your tired soul.

Indeed, a perfect food escapade if you are looking where to eat in Las Piñas. Cassalu is located at 262 Alabang–Zapote Road, Talon Uno.

2. Usagi Café

For most residents of Manila’s northern reaches, it is an unsettlingly calm place where everyone is all too relaxed. However, that is just what the Southerners love about the cit because the villages are never congested, people can dress casually, no one is choked by traffic smoke, and there are too many hidden neighborhood secrets to find and love.

Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Hearty Meal in a Cafe
Photo by Lex Sirikiat on Unsplash

Usagi Cafe is one of these hidden treasures in the area. The Japanese-inspired cafe, which is located on a quiet street in BF Resort, is easy to overlook unless you keep your eyes open for it. The bright menu board outside and the bunny logo on the façade will guide you the most cozy café ever.

3. The White Cup Coffee and Milktea Bar

The White Cup is located on JB Tan Street of BF Resort Village. The coffee shop has a large alfresco dining room that can fit a large number of guests.

The White Cup is your nook if you just want a nice and affordable place to relax with a delicious cup of coffee and a carefully crafted slice of cake.

KKo kko pop, which claims to have the #BestWingsinTown, is a must-try if you’re craving unlimited chicken wings! In addition to unlimited fries, rice, and iced tea, their PHP 249 package includes unlimited fries, rice, and iced tea.

Where to eat in Las Piñas: In the Rewarding Restaurants of the South

4. Kko Kko Pop

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Kko Kko Pop
Photo by Peter Pham on Unsplash

Other authentic Korean dishes such as Stir Friend Cheese Chicken Noodles are also available for only PHP 450 that is good for 4-5 people.

Above all, they also have KTV rooms for rent where you can sing your hearts out with your family and friends! Just don’t let your vocal chords get rough when you hit the high notes.

5. Forkypine

The restaurant’s best-selling dish is their Ultimate Barkada Package. This is  their “Putok-batok” kit which costs just PHP 1299 that is good for 4-5 people. This includes a Roasted Bone-Marrow, Laman-licious Crispy Pata, Crispy Beef Brisket, Beef Liempo, Crispy Chicken Skin, Ensalada, and Dilis-syosa Fried Rice as well as four bottles of cold beer

6. Southside Grill PH

Have you been craving crabs and shrimps lately? The Southside Grill is a must-visit!

Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Southside Grill
Photo by Beth Macdonald on Unsplash

Unlimited crabs are available for PHP 599 while unlimited shrimps are available for PHP 550. When you are looking for a food bundle that offers unlimited crabs and shrimp, it is available for only PHP 799. In addition, this restaurant will not leave you craving for more since both the shrimps and the crabs are in king size. Likewise, the staff of this restaurant is swift enough to refill the pantry of your favorite seafood bunch.

Since they also serve grilled food and foamy beer, this is the ultimate barkada place in Las Piñas! They even have live music to keep you entertained as you dine.

7. Hungry Shrimp PH

Seafood lovers who are on a gastronomic adventure will surely find this restaurant worthwhile.

Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Hungry Shrimp PH
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Your heart will truly plunge into satisfaction once you get to taste its best-seller Seafood Platter that costs PHP 1599 good for 5-7 people. Moreover, Bangus, Shrimp, Mussels, Holy Calamari, and Tuna are the pescatarian ingredients included in this platter. However, if you are only looking for a small food bundle, then this restaurant has a PHP 499 unlimited shrimp and holy calamari.

What makes this restaurant best is the inclusion of unlimited house-made Iced tea and hot-steamed white rice in its food bundles.

8. Bikkuri Takoyaki

If you like “Japanese dumplings,” you should definitely try Bikkuri Takoyaki.

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Bikkuri Takoyaki
Photo by Abhishek Sanwa Limbu on Unsplash

The majority of their locations are in the south, and this one in Las Piñas is new. They serve takoyaki, yakisoba, and okonomiyaki in addition to takoyaki (Japanese pancakes).

9. Sigsaga Yakiniku

Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet is by far the most accessible in the south.

With unlimited Korean BBQ, seafood, dessert, and bottomless drinks, this restaurant will really give what you pay for because all food and entrees are served in a buffet-style setting.

10. Sambo Kojin

If you are looking where to eat in Las Piñas, then you may find this Japanese/Korean grill restaurant an excellent start. It has a full menu of freshly grilled Japanese and Korean culinary classics that will quench your inner foodie.

Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Sambokojin
Photo by Prastika Herlianti on Unsplash

Carrying the authentic ambiance of Japanase yakiniku homes, Sambo Kojin boasts its top-quality US beef and premium seafood offerings that you cannot resist!

In addition, your grilling food adventure will surely be fun and enjoyable knowing that the restaurant is endowed with an advanced grilling and food protection technology.

11. Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Usagi Cafe
Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

In one of the friendly suburban villages in Las Piñas lies a sought-after Italian restaurant that serves the all-time favorite Italian cuisines such as pizza, pasta, antipasti, insalate, as well as delectable desserts and refreshing cocktails. Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen in BF International brags being the best restaurant in Manila with its glamorous reputation from different prestigious organizations.

What’s remarkable about this Italian kitchen in the metro is the authentic ingredients sourced from Italy. Consequently, you will be able to savor the genuine Italian flair running on your taste buds.

12. Buku Buku Kafe

Having a sumptuous comfort food is one of the reasons why summer is the most favorite season. Contrary to having hearty meals and hot pot during the rainy days, summer is all about getting into shape.

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Buku Buku Kafe
Photo by JL Magata on Unsplash

Buku-Buku Kafe is an Asian fusion restaurant, which is inspired by the market’s rising demand for nutritious and tasty food, that created yet another incredible list of comfort food that will make your stomachs growl.

Above all, the best thing is that this restaurant would not sacrifice its delicious meals for the sake of a balanced diet.

13. Another Story: A restaurant with a whimsical charm

Come enjoy a feel-good atmosphere in a restaurant that oozes a whimsical charm at Another Story restaurant. This is located at Evia Mall in Alabang.

Another Story restaurant offers delicious home-cooked meals that you can enjoy. The entire environment seems to be meticulously detailed, carefully considered, and visually striking. You’ll get the impression that the restaurant’s owner is a big fan of a Disney film that has now been brought to life. Whether you’re looking for a place to let your creative juices out or you just looking where to eat in Las Piñas, this is the best restaurant for you.

Where to eat in Las Piñas: In the StreetSide Hawkers of the South

14. Mang Raul’s Barbeque

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Mang Raul BBQ
Photo by Habib Dadkhah on Unsplash

BF Almanza is indeed a central hub for food junkies in Las Piñas because of its wide array of streamside hawkers.

If you are one of those looking where to eat in Las Piñas, then you might have seen Mang Raul’s BBQ in your search queries. This food stall is iconic in the neighborhood with its specially-crafted sauces that come in two flavors which are sweet and sour, and spicy. Subsequently, it makes a perfect dip that complements to the mouthwatering taste of Mang Raul’s pork and chicken isaw, pork tenga, and balat BBQ. All of which are pork and chicken innards on a stick that are very affordable to start with. Furthermore, these sough-after barbecue delicacies will be complete when partnered with a hot-steamed rice.

On the other hand, there are Filipino sweet delicacies such as pastillas and yema that you can try to complete your hearty StreetSide meal.

15. Double Decker Diner

Although the suburbs of Las Piñas lack famous fast food and dining establishments, the area has been more than compensated with its plethora of excellent neighborhood businesses. Double Decker Diner, which is a small burger restaurant at BF Homes, is one of them.

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Double Deck Diner
Photo by Ilya Mashkov on Unsplash

The Double Decker Diner is a common hangout for locals. It has a great outdoor dining area where you can enjoy their delicious burgers, hearty sausage sandwiches, and sizzling sausage dishes. No single order exceeds PHP 229. Moreover, you’ll get generous meals that will fill you up.

We hope that our Las Piñas food guide will assist you in making the most of your visit to the city. Your journey to Las Piñas will not be complete until you try any of the restaurants mentioned here.

Due to the dining restrictions brought by the community quarantine, you can take any of the restaurant’s delicacies home with you in an exclusive pre-selling condo home and enjoy them with your loved ones while taking in the stunning panoramic landscape of the community.

Bring Home Your Food Adventure in a premium abode at The Hermosa

Swimming Pool Amenity in a Premium Condo in Las Piñas – The Hermosa COHO

The Hermosa COHO, which is a 3-hectare vertical village, quickly satisfies urban junkies’ every need to live peacefully in the middle of Metro Manila’s city life. The Hermosa COHO offers residents more opportunities to appreciate their investment with its finest resort-inspired amenities that include a clubhouse, a play court, a swimming pool, and a shopping area that are all unique to the community’s residents.

In any case, you’ll adore Las Piñas even more when you dive into a gastronomic adventure with your loved ones in any of the aforementioned restaurants or in a premium abode!