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Where to Eat in Tagaytay: Your Ultimate Food Trip Guide

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If you are into psychology, you will know that food is in the hierarchy of need. According to Maslow, “food is our basic and physiological needs.” Therefore, we need hearty meals that will eventually give us comfort and mood booster. In a vacation destination such as Tagaytay, you may find solace amidst the panoramic nature and fresh pine trees. However, achieving your travel bucket list in the city won’t be complete without knowing where to eat in Tagaytay.

According of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, “Food is our basic and physiological needs.” We need food in order to be healthy and strong, it brings us happiness, it gives comfort and rest once we felt weary, it reduces our anxieties and bad mood, it improves memory, it also awake us whenever we are feeling sleepy, it sometimes increase our creativity in cooking and even so, it gives us life.

Other adage says, “Minsan, mas mabuting mag-isa… lalo na kung kumakain ka” because Filipinos’ truly loves to eat varied foods. Particularly, during traveling.

It is very exciting to discover brand new cooking, at least you are exploring the creativity of Filipinos and finding a new favorite. Finding one could also express your love to your family and friends by sharing them a pasalubong.

Food is actually everywhere. It is often accompanied us for everything. As an individual, we utilize food as presents to those who are sick, homeless people and celebrity idols. Aside from that, children give food as a way of honoring and thanking our teachers/godparents/relatives for everything. Men also offer food each time they court women. Similarly, We share food to one another in the family to show our love and care to them. Plus, employees celebrate success and holidays by ordering an appetizer from a fast food that could be eaten in the company/school. Rewarding yourself by purchasing your favorite snacks as well. Even Hinduism offers food to God, and this food called “Prasada”. Additionally, Food is useful for games. Lastly, food accompanied us several times throughout the days we are about to watch movies and about to travel.

But the question is, where is the best place to get healthy, yet satisfying food? We could locate food everywhere. However, when it comes to a good and commendable food, Tagaytay consists of plenty eating place. This destination proves us the reason why it is a top tourist spot to our country. It presents you not only delicious, but also a good quality and nutritious food which is in demand this pandemic. And perhaps, Tagaytay food trip guide is necessary. Besides, we, precisely, need lots of vitamin C and D nowadays.

Be full and healthy by verifying on your own the help of Lists of Tagaytay Food Trip Options:


  1. Fill Your Tummy by Eating at Balay Dako!

If you are sick by tasting the same food from your community, be free from disease by eating vegetables from the popular restaurant in Tagaytay, part of Antonio’s group- Balay Dako. They are cooking pinakbet contains a complete ingredients needed as well as eggplant, okra, winged-beans, ginataang gulay ng balay, mga ginisang gulay ng balay, sitaw at giniling na baboy and so on.

To make your healthy living full package, much better to order dalandan and calamansi juice. You will surely enjoy your buffet while overlooking the garden and taal lake view from the restaurant. It is great to come ahead for there is a “First come first serve policy.” Take note their time from 10:00 a.m. – 6: 00 p.m. every weekdays and 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. for weekends and holidays.

You could also check here the menu, events, gallery and more information about Balay Dako.


  1. Eat your Breakfast at Leslie’s Ridge and Restaurant

Nowadays, there is a lot of Foreign restaurant here in the Philippines, nevertheless, we still love Filipino Restaurants because of the Filipino delicacies that is compatible with our taste buds.

Even there is a lot of Foreign Restaurants in the Philippines, we still love Filipino Restaurants, especially if it is compatible with your taste buds. In this case, one of the Filipino pride is building the Leslie’s Ridge and Restaurant, well-known as a restaurant with the best bulalo in Tagaytay. Eating bulalo is a perfect alter for the cold weather we had in here. You need no more to waste food if it serves you a healthy sources of unsaturated fats like fish and any other sea foods.

These cuisines were made coming from the heart of every cook. Therefore, the outcome turned into a scrumptious one. Consequently, you will understand why it is refer as a good spot for a food trip. Due to pandemic we are facing, the restaurant for everyone, of course, strictly implements the ‘new normal’ policy for health and safety precaution. They are open with the schedule of 7 o’clock in the morning to 7 o’clock in the evening.

Select now your order from their menu, only by clicking this link: Leslie’s Ridge  and Restaurant.


  1. Welcome Yourself at Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant

After eating your breakfast at Leslie’s Ridge and Restaurant, isn’t it a nice idea to have some lunch at Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant? It is known that Thai food is one of the healthiest and most popular delicacies and cuisines in the world. It is famous for its strong and discrete flavors that hits and blend the sweet, bitter, sour and salty flavors. Furthermore, the authentic Thai food’s main trait is spiciness. Thai food is mostly, too, made up of herbs and green vegetables.

When looking for Thai Restaurant in Tagaytay, the ideal site to stay is located at Alfonso, Cavite, Tagaytay City named Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant. This venue is widely known for its high rating, positive and awesome reviews. It was entitled as one of the hidden gems since it was built in a private house and segregate it to urban area with inspired Thai-theme restaurant and aesthetic garden-style. The herbs serves as the dishes were getting from the garden, now that they wish to serve the food as fresh as possible.

One of the best-selling dishes you must try is the Fresh Spring Rolls for appetizer, consists of rolled herbs, carrots, cabbage, tofu, noodles, sweet chili and relish (rich of sweet, sour and spicy flavors). This cuisine is both healthy and tasty at the same time.

Hugs from your love ones are not only the finest way to warm up your body from the chilly climate, Tom Yum Goong also do. The hot spicy and sour soup uses with shrimps and herbs that defines Thai flavor. One of the reviews says that this soup just get the right amount of sourness and spiciness and it makes you want to eat more. Moreover, Thai soups are healthy and may be result for a fibrous diet.

Aside from these, Lime and Basil Salad is the signature salad of the restaurant comes from its features namely fried egg, basil, lettuce, peanut, shallots and tamarind dressing. Most of these ingredients are freshly picked from the garden, on its backyard. Thai salads always have a healthy dressings often including green vegetables and fresh fruits.

4. Marcia Adam’s Won’t Make You Hungry! Find Out Why 

Marcia, the owner could prepare you her specialty Grilled Aromatic Pork, the Mediterranean food, if you are about to treat yourself for a meal. Pay less and enjoy the good customer service of the crew here at Marcia Adams’.  You won’t find any food which is as heavenly as they offer! This new normal, they are open for al fresco dining everyday with the time of 11 o’clock in the morning up to 8:00 p.m.  Get updated from their facebook account named Marcia Adams’ Restaurant.

5. Be Like Cinderella at Sonya’s Garden

You would prefer to eat at Sonya’s Garden if you were a big fan of a fairytale a-like buffet restaurant. Do not miss its classic tropical garden with beautiful flowers surrounds it.  Witness the greatness of chefs by getting a taste from their traditional home-made recipe such as Prime Angus Ribeye Steak, Garden Salad Greens and Salmon Belly Sinigang with Kefir, that would provides you a long-life.  Lovers would have a good time spending their moments here.  Pets are also allowed here. Hence, if you are a pet-lover, you have nothing to worry about.  Get the other details on their website now!

6. Go To Taza Fresh Table and Be A Food-lover

All the traveler’s foodie dream is to try something exceptional food in the Philippines. No need to look anywhere and just keep an eye to the yummy Grilled Turmeric Chicken made with yogurt, fresh turmeric ginger, cilantro, tzatziki and coconut rice combined it with a cheap price of 620-peso. You can either add the well-liked dish called Roasted Market Fish by mixing olives, balsamic, roasted garlic, lemon and olive oil which costs 800-peso.  With the high number of talented cook, you will definitely mark the day you visit this foodie destination and come all over again.  Visit them from around 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.. One of the customer’s feedback says “We tried different set meals which comes with a salad, soup, main dish, and dessert. Plus points to the olive oil ice cream, so unique and good!”

Send them a message from Taza Fresh Table facebook page to inquire now.

7. ‘Tsokolateria’ Says Cravings No More!

Are you a huge fan of chocolates? Well then, spoil yourself by buying extra-ordinary food and drinks as the culinary traditions of Tsokolateria Artisanal Café. Right place for the cool climate in Emilio Aguinaldo, Tagaytay City. This special chocolate comes from cocoa combined with different types of cuisines.  Save your money and try their dishes with a twist as well as Malunggay Pesto and Tsoko Twists.

Tsokolateria website could help inform you more about them.

8. Mushroom Burger is for Vegetarians!

From Barangay Kaybagay, Tagaytay City you might notice this fast food after riding from Sky Ranch rides. It is way better to eat here for your merienda upon its inexpensive, yet a very good quality food, polite and professional staff and conducive environment.  The main dish is the burger which is made up of various types of mushroom. The other popular dishes are the following: Adobo Egg, Lomi, Smoothie, Mushroom Soup and Longganisa.  The store hours is always open at 7:30 in the morning.

See it youself at https://www.zomato.com/manila/mushroom-burger-tagaytay-city-tagaytay-city/menu

9. Gaze the Remnants of Taal Volcano While Eating Bulalo!

Aside from Leslie’s Ridge Bulalo, be mindblown by eating of the highly recommended bulalo from Tower Ground Bulalohan, Sambong, Tagaytay City.  Just imagine yourself eating bulalo, tawilis, laing and crispy pata while looking at the view of Taal Volcano.  One of the most-likely observed in this location is the properly-organized protocols and the staff of doing the job very well and quickly. You could also change now your profile picture from facebook and Instagram once you take a photo with Taal Volcano view in a perfect angle.

10. Order More While Relaxing to a Premium Condominium  

Eating this nutritious food would make your immune system strong and protect you mostly from any threat of disease. Besides, eating food that is good for our body is also a way for loving ourselves. And by eating, we, unconsciously, once again, dedicating our time to our loved ones and beginning to make good memories. Because it will always overwhelming to eat food with your favorite people.  You could also order and eat these food with your family from a budget rented Pine Suites staycation at Bonifacio Drive, City of Tagaytay in order to make things easier and not to be hassle anymore. Likewise, it assure your safety.  Pine Suites is very near from Ayala Malls, Sky Ranch, Tagaytay Medical Center, and other commercials. It helps the OFW’s who needs a lower unit rates for reserving a unit.

It is always worth it to invest a condominium residence for they proposes us a complete conveniences as well as guard house, fitness gym, clubhouse, function hall and swimming pool surrounded by a commercial and retail spaces.

The large, modern rental unit is a legit a posh, safe and comfortable space with complete comforts and amenities and offers you a friendly-budget downpayment. To make yourself healthy all the time, do more exercises and take some rest here in your unit. Unlock your goal and start taking an action. Let this Tagaytay Food Trip Guide help your difficulty in choosing a venue for your  gastronimic experience. Continue your adventure and have a safe trip ahead!