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Why is COHO a Cut Above the Rest?

Investment opportunities abound in the market even in the middle of the pandemic situation that we are in right now. In fact, the Philippines’ real estate sector is seen by many as one of the big realms where gains-seeking investors and entrepreneurs are actively prowling for value-negotiated deals. While it cannot be denied that the current public health situation brought about by COVID-19 has inflicted a dampening of demand in the residential real estate sector, this is viewed by many — industry observers, analysts, practitioners, and opinion leaders alike — as limited and temporary as we’ve seen in the previous episodes of economic crises (e.g. The Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 and The Global Financial Crisis of 2007.)

In both instances, industry analyst Colliers International points out that capital values have bounced back big time immediately in the year following the economic turmoil. This trend in history is what gives optimism to stakeholders to believe that the real estate sector will successfully buck a downturn yet again .

For smart, cunning, and risk-taking investors though, the world does not stop with this pandemic. In their eyes, the crisis presents itself as a must-not-miss opportunity to advance their investment objectives. To take advantage of this opportunity, they are called to throughly scan the market and meticulously assess the top options for optimal investment benefits and maximum investment returns. While there are a lot of real estate developments to choose from in the market, one developer is creating waves in the residential condominium sector and makes a bold statement as having A CUT ABOVE THE REST. COHO (short for Condo Homes), Vista Land’s brand for modern, exclusive, and high quality condominiums, presents itself as an investment asset that stands out to crystallize  and achieve the agenda of wise and discerning investors.

1. Accelerated Capital Value Appreciation

With a track record in accelerated capital value appreciation, there is more to gain as COHO developments are poised to unlock greater value in the short-term and medium-term due to its strategic location and progressive vicinity.

The Hermosa COHO by Vista Land_Value Appreciation

Furthermore, the completion time of 24 months for our mid-rise buildings translates to a shorter business cycle that enables investors to enjoy faster return on investment. In just a span of two years, one gets an asset that can be self-liquidating with a robust market for a stable leasing business.

2. Progressive location energized by infrastructure

The Meridian COHO by Vista Land_Location Map

Hosted by highly urbanized cities and energized by multiple big-ticket infrastructure developments that remarkably enhance the connections between city centers thereby catalyzing business, the possibilities and prospects for COHO investors are simply limitless. This opens the door to an expanded rental market and escalating land values that will make your COHO property more prime.

3. Integrated and masterplanned Vista Townships that fit the new normal

Vista Alabang_Vista Masterplanned Township

COHO by Vista Land_A New Decade, A New Investment

Anchored on Vista Land’s integrated and masterplanned Vista Townships that conveniently bring together residential, commercial, lifestyle retail, education, healthcare, leisure, and spirituality, COHO residents get to experience pleasure and fulfillment of their needs without delay. Everything is within reach and at one’s disposal — a privilege that guarantees an upgraded lifestyle experience.

Featuring sprawling and wide open spaces that are tree-lined and exquisitely landscaped, COHO’s condominium villages are low-density with less than 20 residential units per floor, providing an environment conducive in promoting health and wellness and in observing social distancing in the new normal. Moreover, COHO’s condominium units are automation-ready with a Fiber-To-The-Home Service that enables control over lighting, the air-conditioning system, and other electronic devices conveniently through mobile phones and one’s preferred service provider.


4. Be with the crowd of your type

COHO Lifestyle_COHO by Vista Land

Premium value begets premium potential. The privileges that COHO’s premium developments bring to the table are aspired by many but are made available only to a few who have the means to enjoy a residential and lifestyle experience that is a class all by itself. A private and exclusive development, COHO has the vibe that will attract no less than your own crowd.

COHO by Vista Land_A Cut Above the Rest_Main Poster

With all these reasons, real estate developments are not made equal. While each has a value to offer, real estate investors and entrepreneurs are quick to count, weigh, and judge which ones will best align with their objectives. Inevitably, there will be labels, classifications, and distinctions. There will be overweights, equal weights, and underweights.

In this case, one saying rings a bell. “You get the value of what you pay for.” If you don’t want to get shortchanged in terms of investment returns, then don’t settle for anything less. Go for premium. Go for one that is a cut above the rest. Go for COHO.


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